The currently used methods are not accurate.

Approaches that only test for the presence of microorganisms cannot accurately provide a specific corrosion mitigation plan, as the type of corrosion present determines said plan. These techniques can’t differentiate abiotic corrosion (corrosion not influenced by living things) from biotic corrosion (corrosion caused or accelerated by living organisms), making it impossible to know which appropriate mitigation program to implement.

Traditional methods are time-consuming.

On an average, the analysis usually takes 5-30 days. Many in-house culture kits will require a minimum of 5 days to several weeks. Outsourcing your samples to a lab that performs DNA or RNA based methods will require 1 or 2 weeks, depended on the service level from the laboratory

MTest qPCR is offering the accuracy of a lab in just 1,5 hours


You need a starterkit and work instructions of no more than half a day to get started with the MTest qPCR set-up. It is validated and proven to generate similar results compared to lab based qPCR.

The starterkit is suitable for both liquid and surface based samples. Perfect for coupon and biocide treatments. 



Watch a short video at Corrosion Alliance about this test kit.

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