Broken Bristle Blaster

The Bristle blaster is an relatively expensive and intelligent designed machine. It happens sometimes that the you can hear something break and that the drive unit makes noise without the brush moving.

How can the Bristle Blaster break

Usually, this happens at application points where the bristle has been blocked. Bends on pipelines, or cavities. Another cause can be when the resistance was to high, due to too much pressure applied to the machine. In some case people think that it should be operated like a grinder. This however not the case. The bristle should do the work and pressure is not needed. If the result is not satisfying, usually the wire tips from the bristle have become blunt and need to be resharpened.

The drivetrain powers the bristle with a tooth belt drive. This component is a component that needs to be replaced at regular intervals. Especially in those cases where the machine is in operation throughout the working day.

Can I repair the Bristle Blaster

Yes, the procedure to repair a bristle blaster tooth belt is not difficult. This can also be done for you at service center facilities like ours. But you can also replace the belt yourselves. 

You can order this belt:

High performance toothed belt for MBX and Bristle Blaster (37001)

you would need some basic tools to unscrew the cap from the belt drive. 

Replacing the Bristle Blaster belt drive