Frequently asked questions about deliveries and shipments

How fast do you deliver? 
If products are on stock, we will ship your order the same (working)day. Packages will be shipped through regular shippers such as DHL, UPS or TNT express. Depended on the geographical location, we will select the best shipper. Shipments within will be delivered within 1-2 working days. Worldwide shipments usually take to 2-5 days. This holds for small shipments (box size). Larger shipments can take up more time. 

Can I receive my order today?
If a product is available in the training centers, you can pick it up today. On the product page, you can see in which stores a product is in stock. Click the button "Pick up in store".

What are shipment costs?

Within the Benelux, free shipping above an order volume of € 25,00. Below € 25,00, shipment is € 4,95.

Europe at large(Schengen)
Orders below 50kg shipment € 15,00
Orders above 50kg shipment € 65,00
Orders above 500kg shipment € 150,00

America, Russia, Azia, Africa
Orders below 50kg shipment € 100,00
Above 50kg shipment costs based on request

What are return conditions?

You can register your return within 30 days of receiving the product. After that, you'll have another 14 days to return your product. You have 2 options:

  • Exchange your product for a new one for free;
  • Return your product for free and get a refund.

To get the full purchase amount back, it's important to return your product in its original condition and make sure it's undamaged. Handle the product as you would do in the store.

You can indicate your choice by sending us an email with your contact information and a copy of the invoice. After 30 days, we'll repair your product and the above options no longer apply.

What if I exchange my product for a cheaper or more expensive product?

Cheaper product We'll transfer the remaining amount to your account within 5 days after reception.

More expensive product We'll send you a payment request for the remaining amount. After receiving your payment, we'll ship the product to you.


  1. Register your return via
  2. Prepare your product for the return trip:
  • Pack the product well. If you can, use the original packaging. That way, the chances of the product getting damages are less. No longer have the original packaging? No problem, we'll look at the condition of your returned product and determine what the depreciation is based on that.
  • Ship the product in the original box or another box that closes well.
  1. Select a local shipper to return the package to:
    Corronation BV
    Tjariet 3
    NL-9909BZ Spijk

  2. Send the package to us via a shipper (FEDEX, DHL, UPS) in your area


What return options do I have?
You have 3 options within 30 days of receiving your product:

  • Exchange your product for a new one for free.
  • Have your product repaired.
  • Return your product for free and get a refund.
Your product will always be repaired after 30 days.


    Can I return my product in the training centers?
    Yes, you can drop off your product in one of our training centers. You don't have to register your return in advance and you don't have to print anything. In the case of a defect, we'll first try to find a solution ourselves. If that doesn't work, we'll send your product to be repaired.

    Good to know: Did you pay in cash? When you return a product in our training centers, we'll refund up to € 50 in cash. Is the amount over € 50 or did you not pay in cash? We'll refund the amount to your account.


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