qPCR Testing for Microbial Influenced Corrosion: Everything You Need to Know

Outdated in-field technologies cannot directly and quantitatively measure microbial corrosion, which often leads to pipeline leaks and failures. These accidents cause an immeasurable loss of life, damage assets, harm environments, and release greenhouse gas emissions. On average, microbial corrosion costs oil and gas pipelines $5B annually in damages..

To make this number more tangible, it is more than $4.63M a day!

Incorrectly diagnosing a MIC can lead to decreased asset lifetime, increased downtime, and business disruption loss.

With MTest qPCR, corrosion engineers and pipeline operators can more accurately predict when microbial growth will cause corrosion within a pipeline.

Our testing kit is the first of its kind because it can tell the difference between microbial corrosion and regular corrosion. This is beneficial for engineers and operators because they can now know when microorganisms are causing damage to pipelines, information that was otherwise unavailable. With this new data, they will be able to reduce treatments (both chemical and biocide), whilst also maximising safety procedures - all in an attempt to prevent any future damage to assets. Compliant to the most recent standards from AMPP and ASTM.

New test kit for Microbial Influenced Corrosion

CORRONATION has developed an oil and gas pipeline corrosion testing and treatment kit that is more effective than current methods, resulting in numerous benefits.

  • The ability to distinguish between MIC and other types of corrosion allows for a more cost-effective use of industrial biocides.
  • There is immediate detection with no downtime, fewer spills and accidents, leading to improved environmental outcomes and higher levels of safety.


Drilling completion manager:

"There is currently no way to distinguish MIC from other types of corrosion, which costs businesses millions of dollars every year. If we could find a way to differentiate it, we would be able to take the necessary measures in time to ensure employee and environmental safety, improved assets, and reduced chemical usage."

 You would need a starterkit and work instructions of no more than half a day to get started with this kit. It is validated and proven to generate similar results compared to lab based qPCR.

The starterkit is suitable for both liquid and surface based samples. Perfect for coupon and biocide treatments. 



Watch a short video at Corrosion Alliance about this test kit.

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Learn more about the availability of primers (biomarkers) to measure specific microbial functions or species related to Microbial Influenced degradation processes.