The Benefits of Wrapping Band for Corrosion Prevention

There are many benefits to wrapping band around a product to prevent corrosion. Not only does it protect the product from the elements, but it can also make the product easier to inspect and repair. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of wrapping band around a product to prevent corrosion. We will also talk about how you can choose the right type of wrap band for your needs.


At CORRONATION, we pride ourselves on being a professional and reliable source of ALLTER water sealing materials. By partnering with us, you can trust that you will receive tailored solutions to your specific corrosion or insulation problems, as well as any leaks you may be facing.


ALLTER application to prevent corrosion


Provides a 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly solution against corrosion and water problems. Is an easy-to-process material.

Keeps its promise of permanent adhesion; regardless of the most extreme conditions.

Takes responsibility for the composition of the total solution.

Sustainable protection of infrastructure

ALLTER provides the best solution for preventing corrosion, insulation and water damage with reliable systems that will last. It offers long-term protection of your infrastructure so you can rest assured it is safe. ALLTER stands for different and superior protection for a lifetime.


A corrosion-free solution for industry

Packing pipework in gas, oil and water industries for transmission and distribution pipelines, as well as underground flanges, valves and pipe saddles provides a solution that is guaranteed to be free of corrosion.

ALLTER is therefore widely used in this branch of industry and CORRONATION has also provided many structures with ALLTER protection.


ALLTER Waterstop for cable and pipe penetrations

When water is pressurized, it can cause leaks that lead to disastrous consequences. To avoid this, we must make sure that no dangerous vapors or gases from the outside can enter the building through cables and pipes. At ALLTER, we work on the line between wet and dry areas, which includes our sealant application; a key element of our process is making sure the area being sealed is permanently watertight. Additionally, because our preparation time is low, we're able to achieve a high-quality seal quickly and easily - even when there's already water present.