Montipower is a German brand with powerful tools for sandblasting without the need for blasting grit. Monti MBX has pneumatic, electric and battery-powered tools on which brush belts and caramel discs can be used. Montipower's equipment is often used for removing rust, corrosion, paint, 2K lacquer, (powder) coating and stickers. At CORRONATION, you can buy all Montipower products from a large and wide selection.


MONTI Bristle Blaster

MONTI Bristle Blaster is the most powerful machine for blasting without sandblasting. Montipower's Bristle Blaster works electrically, on compressed air and battery. You place a brush belt on the MONTI Bristle Blaster to powerfully remove coating, paint, varnish and rust from any surface. Bristle Blaster from MONTI is used professionally in every industry for the best results!


MONTI Bristle Blaster Cordless

MONTI Bristle Blaster Cordless is much more convenient to use than other models because it does not require a power or compressed air source. This battery-operated bristle blaster is based on the professional model that has been used for years in rust and paint removal. With its long-lasting battery, MONTI Bristle Blaster Cordless can work for 25 minutes at a time!



MONTI MBX is an electrically-powered sticker remover that's gentle on your paint job. With the MONTI MBX, you can quickly and easily remove stickers without worrying about any damage or residue.


MONTI MBX brush bands

MONTI MBX brush bands are used on the MONTI Bristle Blaster and MONTI MBX to remove stickers, coating, paint and rust from any surface and substrate.


MBX brush tape 23mm - black

MBX brush tape 11mm - black

MBX brush tape 23mm - ochre

MBX brush tape 11mm - ochre

MBX brush tape 23mm - green

MBX brushband 11mm - green

MBX brush tape 23mm - blue

MBX brush tape 11mm - blue

Look for MBX belts

MONTI MBX Vinyl Zapper

MOTNI MBX Vinyl Zapper is Montipower's caramel disc for removing stickers without leaving any glue residue. Monti has several MBX caramel discs in its range. The MBX Vinyl Zapper discs listed below can be ordered online from CORRONATION:


MONTI MBX Vinyl Zapper