Visco-Rite™ 70HB

Width and Length: 50 mm x 10 m
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Visco-Rite™ 70HB is a viscoelastic fibre-reinforced high-performance corrosion barrier material to protect corroded carbon steel, stainless steel, ductile iron and non-ferro metal substrates. The material is specific designed for submersed and immersed services from -45 up to +70°C (-49 up to 158°F) and complies to ISO 21809-3: 2016 and ISO12944: 2018 with a suitable mechanical protection.

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Theoretical coverage: 1m2 per 100mm. x 10m. roll at 1800micron (60mils) DFT ex. side by side overlap of 10mm. (3/8”)

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