Bristle Blaster® Set Cordless (SB-603-BMC)

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Bristle Blaster® Set Cordless invluded the following items: 

Bristle Blaster® Cordless drive unit
incl. Dead man-Switch, Anti-vibration-handle
Accelerator Bar, steel, for 23mm belts
1 MONTI Adaptor System
1 Battery Fast Charger
5 Bristle Blaster® belts, steel, 23 mm
1 Battery LiHD 18V 8,0ah


The patented Bristle Blaster® Cordless features all of the high performance corrosion and coatings removal power of the Bristle Blaster®, without the need for cables.

Bristle Blasting is a ‘grit blasting alternative‘ technology that’s specially designed to remove corrosion, coatings, mill scale and other contaminants – without removing healthy material.

 25 minutes plus surface preparation time is possible with the Cordless unit with one single battery charge.

One kit includes a single Fast Charger unit with 2 x 18 V, 8.0 Ah batteries.
Like the Bristle Blaster, the Cordless unit is suitable for use on many substrates including metals, plastics and rubbers, and is ideal for applications including spot repairs, weld seam preparation and profiling.

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