Decapower Stainless Steel, Multipurpose belt, 43mm (BU-075)

With or withour adapter: Bristle and adapter (BU-075)
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With the DECAPOWER multipurpose bristle, you can bristle  surfaces like stainless steel, aluminum and wood. It is perfect to roughnen the surfaces of untreated wood and create a natural look, without splinters. It is originally intended to remove old paint layers from steel surfaces. It is a perfect solution to prepare garden fences for a new layer of paint.

The Bristle has 6 brush segments of high grade stainless steel. The tips are prepared to create impact during rotation. You can buy just the bristle or a set that includes both the bristle and the adapter set.

Bristle should only be used with the official aluminium adapter.Please note that drilling machines should not exceed 4000/min (RPM) during operation.

The Bristle STEEL and WOOD can be purchased both including or excluding the adapter system for a drilling machine.  With this adapter you can use it on any drilling machine. It doesn't matter whether your drilling machine is cordless or grid powered. The drilling machine should not exceed 4000/min (RPM).

DECAPOWER Bristles are manufactured in Germany and are known for their outstanding quality. 

 Note: Drill is not included.

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