Bristle Blaster Belt, Subsea, 4 caged belts (BB-500-01)

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This is the Belt that belongs to the Bristle Blaster® Subsea machines. It is the exchange bristle for the hydraulic underwater device with an unique water drive. Compared to the normal Bristle Blaster, it has fewer threads, to be able to use it comfortably under greater depths. It is used as preparation for under water coating systems.

The package contains 4 caged belts, suitable to be mounted on the subsea quick lock system.

The Bristle Blaster® Subsea is able to create a profiled surface, ideal for the mechanical bonding of protective materials against corrosion.

Connected with a power unit via a single, neutrally buoyant high-pressure hose, the Subsea creates a surface preparation grade comparable to Sa2.5 or Sa3, with roughness levels up to 60 um Rz.

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