Bristle Blaster ® belts stainless steel | 11mm - left (BB-109L-05)

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Bristle blaster belt developed for the Axial pneumatic machine.  This belt is designed with the long angled pins at the right hand side. The belt can also be mounted on the regular pneumatic or electric machines. In this case it is required to use a 11mm adapter system.

This type of belt is suited to be used for narrow spaces sucha as the corners of H-beams, or pitting corrosion. This belt is also available in left version, where the long pins are placed on the left side of the belt. 

Bristle Blaster® belts steel | 11mm - right (BB-098R-05)

For preparation of stainless steel or aluminium substrates, we recommend to use the stainless steel belt:

Bristle Blaster® belts stainless steel | 11 mm – right (BB-108R-05)

Bristle Blaster ® belts stainless steel | 11mm - left (BB-109L-05)

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