Wrap materials that prevent corrosion and heal themselves

Allter Wrappingband products are corrosion-preventative wrap materials that securely adhere to steel and pipeline coatings applied in a factory or out in the field. They're non-toxic, cold-applied, prefabricated wrap coatings made from Polyisobutene—a low viscosity, noncrystalline compound that isn't crosslinked.


The Wrappingband product line from ALLTER consists of eco-friendly, corrosion-preventative wrap materials that adhere exceptionally well to steel and factory- or field-applied pipeline coatings. These products are non-toxic, cold-applied, prefabricated wraps based on the pure homopolymer Polyisobutene—a low viscosity, noncrystalline, fully amorphous compound.. 

Visco-Rite™ 70: This pipe wrap material is designed to prevent corrosion at low temperatures, up to 50°C [122℉]. It can be used in a variety of industries, such as for buried and immersed pipes, or for coating repair and rehabilitation.