MTest qPCR water filtration kit (Hardware + 10 testkits)

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This kit is a ready-to-go package that has all the nessecary hardware items to perform the

Offshore certified suitcase 2
1. Vacuum pump
2. Vacuum hose

It also includes 10 DNA isolation test kits and 10 water filtration kits.


MTest qPCR offers you MIC test results in less than 2 hours, you get usable quantitative data on bacteria and or archaea in your sample. No need for lengthy incubations or complicated sample logistics.

Compact and lightweight, MTest qPCR enables on-site analysis. Or take filtered samples to a central location, such as an office or hotel, for analysis at your leisure. No refrigerated transport of water samples is required.

This kit requires only three steps to generate DNA based information about bacteria and the MTest qPCR will quantify the measured number of genes and/ or microbial species simultaneously. Reagents are stored and used at ambient temperature. Users do not need laboratory experience to operate.

We have a variety of options available to perform measurements on different bacteria archaea or microbial traits. 


*Delivery time of 5-10 days

The vacuum pump does not require a power connection and can be used in ATEX working environments.

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